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Living the Dream

By on January 14, 2014 in Dining, Massachusettes Travel with 6 Comments

Louis DiBiccari and Gina Pacelli“Who would have thought squash and alcohol would taste so fantastic together…” – Gina Pacelli, Facebook 10/24/13

I grew up in a small town on the North Shore. To us, it was known as “the center of the universe.” To all others, our little bubble was known as Lynnfield, Massachusetts.

There were two elementary schools, the happy little middle school, and high school. After 8th grade, many of our childhood friends ventured off to private schools. The rest of us continued along our merry little way.

More than two decades have passed, and yet, there are still some Gina Pacelli, Laura Pizzuti Gamache, Angela Juliano, Tania Malonefriendships that burn strong… Their flames are timeless. When I visit Boston, I usually see my best friends from eternity — Laura, Tania, and Angela. History bonds us, and we will always be there for each other in a way no one else could be. In this way, we are lucky.

Since elementary, Laura was my “BFF,” and Angela and Tania were “BFFs.” The four of us made a great little foursome. In high school, Louie became my male version of Laura.

Tania and Louie dated mid-high school and into their early 20s. Shortly after graduation, Tania and I were roommates. We lived in the same building as Louie and Dan, a Lynnfield friend. Tania was a flight attendant. I worked in a psych ward. Dan was in medical school. Louie was a chef, and he had a dream. His dream was to own a restaurant.

Time passed. College. Jobs. Apartments. Romances. Life. Our friendships evolved — they were the same, but different. The core values are still there, the phone calls less frequent.

Fast forward to October 2013. In pursuit of boosting my marketing expertise, my travels brought me to Boston. And there was one thing I was determined to do. I wanted to venture to the new, hot spot, Tavern Road. Why? Was it the ever-changing, exotic menu that lured me there? Or the decadent drinks that were beckoning me? The trendy, artistic flare promising a delightful night out? Or Zagat naming Tavern Road as one of the 24 New Restaurants You Need to Know About Around the U.S. (No. 11)? All of the above, plus one more… I wanted to see my childhood friend living his dream. The dream he had once told me about forever ago.

One night, I met Carlyn, a Lynnfield friend, and Shireen, my SU roommate there. I wasn’t sure what to expect. What would I think of my friend’s restaurant? Would I be impressed? Would I enjoy the food? Would I like the atmosphere? Would it be trendy? Would it be fun? I figured I would like it… But, would I like it because it was a cool place? Or, would I like it because it was Louie’s dream turned into a reality?

Louis DiBiccari and Gina Pacelli at Tavern Road in Boston Tavern Road, Boston

Michael DiBiccari, Louis DiBiccari, Gina Pacelli, Carlyn Beccia, Tavern Road, Boston  Gina Pacelli and Shireen Agah Yadollahpour, Tavern Road, Boston

Louis DiBiccari, Tavern Road, BostonWell, I have to admit, I was impressed. And not just because it was Louie’s place. It had a super happening bar and restaurant. In fact, the place was more packed than I could have imagined. The food was upscale, gourmet, and melted in my mouth. We ordered a few appetizers with our meals, and of course, Louie sent us a few dishes to sample. I also had a seasonal cocktail, a squash drink, which went down like water. I had to order a few more…

Louie was doing what he loves – cooking. His brother and co-owner, Michael, was working the room. It was a fun, trendy place with an awesome atmosphere and superb cuisine.

When I ventured back to my hotel, I thought about my life, my friends, my past, and how proud of Louie I was. Years ago, he had dreamed about one day doing what he is doing. And, to me, that is success.

Laura Pizzuti Gamache, Gina Pacelli, Tania Malone, Angela Juliano

Have you dined at Tavern Road? If so, share your experience in the comments section below.

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