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The Hottest Thing a Guy Can Call Me

By on March 22, 2014 in Men with 6 Comments

Gina PacelliIt’s 3:00 a.m. in the morning, and I can’t sleep. My mind has been very active lately, trying to fit the puzzle pieces together. But, they are scattered.

I have read a bunch of silly articles and conducted some very interesting, yet random Google searches. And, then, just as I was ready to drift away, a thought entered my head. And, of course, I had to go with it. Delirious? Yes, but necessary.

What is the hottest thing a guy can call me? Is it “baby,” “sunshine,” “cutie,” “hun,” or “good-looking”? Maybe. It depends on who is saying it and if the term is unique to me. These are all generic words, which means they can be used interchangeably. Does the guy only use this term with me, or is it part of his flirtation, meaning these words are whispered in many ladies’ ears? How quickly did I become “babe,” and what is the nature of my relationship to the guy? Am I dating, flirting or committed?

If you are flirting with me and you can’t see my face (which means you are texting, emailing or talking on the phone), I am probably rolling my eyes. Of course, I wouldn’t do this in front of you, as I’d want to know when the connection was made and when it was lost. When you switch from a generic term of endearment to my name or something specific to me, I know we have connected. When you go back, I know you have re-classified me to just another flirt friend. And oh how easy it is to go from “baby” to “buddy” when a limit is being set. So, don’t call me “baby,” unless you mean it.

Note: These terms of endearment are romantic in relationships. They are just overused during the art of flirting when they cover a large scope of ladies.

What about a pet name that is unique to only me? Maybe I am Greek, so I become your “Greek Goddess.” Or maybe I met you in some faraway, exotic destination, such as Fiji, and I become your “Fiji Girl.” These pet names are a definitely a step up. Think about it. How often do you dole out pet names that are unique in nature? When you are flirting, which hold more meaning?

The sexiest thing a guy can call me is Gina. There is nothing hotter than the sound of my name rolling off the tongue of someone I am attracted to. “Baby” may be fun and reinforce attraction, but hearing my name will always grab my attention like nothing else can. I may like a flirty name thrown in here or there, but it depends on what the underlying meaning is. Hands down, I will always respond to my name. You may even throw me off and make my heart skip an extra beat…

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  1. Patricia Lee Como says:

    And that hottest thing a guy can say to you would be “Where do you want to go next, Gina?”

  2. Cathy Eltringham says:

    I think we can all relate to this! So true!

  3. Isidro Harvilchuck says:

    Terrific article!

  4. h says:

    Hey very nice blog!

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