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Enigma Haunt, a Haunted House

By on October 6, 2014 in Fall Fun, Florida Travel, Halloween with 2 Comments

Gina Pacelli and Sabrina at Enigma Haunt“You’re not scared of the dark. You’re afraid of what’s in it.” 

Are you afraid of the dark? What scares you? Are your fears real or all in your head? Do you face your fears, or do you try to escape them?

Last night, my friend, Sabrina, and I went to Enigma Haunt, a haunted house in Boca Raton, Florida. We got the “Insanity Pack,” which included both haunts – the ABYSS and the Realms of Terror.

Tip: If you visit Enigma Haunt, purchase the Insanity Pack. You will be glad you did. Also, check out Living Social to see if they have any deals. We paid $13 per person. 

We were shuffled into a pitch-dark maze, the ABYSS. There was a group of people in front of Enigma Haunt, Boca Raton, Floridaus, but of course we let them go before starting our own journey. What were we thinking? We were paralyzed for a good five minutes or more screaming and laughing. We could not bring ourselves to move forward. Why? Because we could not see anything. The fear was all in our heads. So far, no one had jumped out at us. Yet, we stood there with our arms wrapped around each other laughing, screaming, laughing some more, sweating, inching forward, just trying to figure out how to navigate the dark, haunted maze. We had tons of fun laughing and screaming at ourselves, our fear, and the moment.

When the doors opened, another group of people entered. We decided to follow them. We laughed and screamed our whole way through the maze. A few folks jumped out at us, but most of the fear was rooted from not knowing what the darkness was hiding. The ABYSS was awesome.

Next up: The Realms of Terror

We were then led to the second haunt, which had more light but more terror. We made our way through the haunted house where creatures jumped out at us when we least expected them to. From the clowns to the little girl in the hospital, the details of each scene were very well thought out.

An hour later, we felt very elated when we completed the haunts. We had tons of fun screaming and laughing our way through the spooky experience. Sabrina let me hold on to her for dear life, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. And what did I learn about myself? Apparently, I am afraid of the dark, and I am a screamer.

Enigma Haunt Boca Raton

What scares you? Are you a screamer? Are you afraid of the dark? Share your best haunted house stories below.

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