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Cabo: The Arch & Snorkeling

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Gina Pacelli and friends exploring the Arch in Cabo Mexico“The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves.” – Wyland

Long ago, I wanted to check out Cabo. I hardly remember what the draw was, but I knew the destination was beautiful and a hot spot. This was long before I lived in Florida, where the beaches and tropics are plentiful.

Fast forward to many years later, long after Cabo had slipped off my radar. When I decided to visit Cabo with Leann and Brian, I thought we would spend most of our time on a pretty beach by our resort sipping fruity cocktails. I did not realize how captivating Cabo would be or how much there is to discover.

I asked friends for recommendations and conducted multiple Google searches, including “snorkeling in Cabo,” “best things to do in Cabo,” and “top beaches in Cabo.” After all, I wanted to spend my time in the most beautiful places.

One of my searches led me to Land’s End (El Arco), where the Sea of Cortez meets the mighty Pacific Ocean. I became mesmerized by the alluring rock formation of the Arch, as did Brian. We were on a mission to see the Arch and snorkel at Lover’s Beach. I read the only way to get to this beach and the Arch was via water taxi or a “glass bottom boat.” We made a plan, and off we went…

We ventured into downtown Cabo and caught a “glass bottom boat” that really only had a small window on the bottom. The ride cost us $30 each and included snorkeling equipment when we got to the beach. We left our dinner clothes in the car as we had reservations for 6:00 p.m. We wanted to make the most of our day in paradise.

There was an oddly matched couple on our boat, meaning their looks did not seem to fit each other. They traveled to Cabo multiple times, but had barely done any other traveling. They never took the boat to Land’s End, and they were only going to see the rock formation. They did not plan on staying and playing as we did.

Stopping for Gas, Cabo, Mexico   Cabo Humor

The Sea of Cortez was turquoise and gentle. As we approached the rock formation, tons of fish swam up to our boat. We stopped for a minute to feed them, then continued along. In addition to fish, we spied lots of birds, including Pelicans, and seals.

The rocks were gorgeous and filled with little caves. Each beach had its own unique feel and story to it. We continued along and before our eyes, we spied the Arch. It truly was a site…. picturesque and magnificent. We continued into the Pacific Ocean, where the water became much more aggressive. We turned around and headed to Pelican Rock, which we learned had better snorkeling than Lover’s Beach.

Cabo Fish   Cabo Cave

Seals in Cabo     Lee in Cabo, Mexico

Land's End, Cabo   The Arch, Cabo

We were greeted by Mexicans with iguanas. We were offered $5 Mexican beers, inexpensive beach massages and snorkeling gear. We dropped our stuff on the beach and headed to the water. Brian, the daredevil, climbed the gigantic rock in the ocean and jumped off multiple times. Leann and I enjoyed swimming with some of the most colorful fish either of us had ever seen. There was a kaleidoscope of yellow, purple, red, and blue among other hues circling the reef. Some snorkelers even saw a whale shark. Leann said snorkeling in Cabo was the best she has ever done, even better than diving and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Iguanas in Cabo

Pelican Rock, Cabo    Rock Jumping in Cabo

The fish were funny because they kept swimming into my stomach. I reached down and to my surprise, I touched a fish. I guess when they swim into you, they actually are as close as they seem. It was a pretty cool encounter. Leann witnessed them doing this to me and laughed. As I was the only one who experienced this, I wondered if my bathing suit or my energy drew them to me.

We climbed the rocks, explored the caves, and checked out Lover’s Beach. We came back with scrapes and bruises from the rocks and the water. My camera got soaked by the waves, but luckily, none of my pictures were compromised. We had an amazing day in the sun, playing, exploring, laughing and having fun, before catching our boat back.

Brian in Cabo   Lee in Cabo

Lover's Beach, Cabo, Mexico

Travel Tip: If you go to Cabo, spend a day exploring the beaches of Land’s End and snorkel at Pelican Beach. You will have a delightful experience!

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