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My RED Toyota Corolla

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Toyota Corolla“One day we’ll get in the car and drive anywhere we want to go.” – Author unknown

When I graduated college, I went car shopping. Unlike most females, I am not a fan of shopping. I like to purchase what I need and move on.

In my youth, the vehicle make and model barely concerned me. In high school, I drove my parents’ Lincoln Town Car. The car was huge, and I felt like I was driving a boat. For this reason, I wanted a cute, little car that would be easy to maneuver. Low car payments were also a priority because I worked on a psychiatric ward making $8.00 an hour. My preferred color was red, and my second choice was black. That was all I wanted. The luxury features of my parents’ cars would be nice, but not necessary.

After what seemed like endless hours of searching, I narrowed my choices to a blue Mazda Protege and a red Toyota Corolla. I wanted the red car, but I chose the one with lower monthly car payments. Although the initial funding came from my family, I would eventually be responsible for the bill.

Tip: If you are a recent college graduate or about to graduate, ask your Toyota dealer about the College Graduate Rebate and College Graduate Finance programs. You will save money. If these offers had been available for me, I would have  purchased the red car I wanted.

Fast forward to December 2014 when I wandered into Ed Morse Delray Toyota. I had been contemplating purchasing a Toyota Prius or a Toyota Corolla during Toyotathon. But, I was not sure if I would take the plunge. The little, silver Nissan Sentra I had been driving since I left California was functioning fine and was paid off. However, I would much rather drive a new, red car and breathe in the “new car smell.” I still wanted red.

I texted my friend, Brenda, a JM Family Enterprises/Southeast Toyota Distributors co-worker, who referred me to Marlene Greenberg at Ed Morse Delray Toyota. Brenda said Marlene would take good care of me and was well versed on the guidelines of selling cars to Southeast Toyota Distributors associates.

Marlene was super helpful and made the car buying process extremely easy for me. She gave me an estimate of what my future vehicle would cost, as well as what my monthly payments would be. She was very attentive and thorough.

Marlene showed me a red Toyota Corolla and offered me a test drive. Since I was on the fence, she asked me if I wanted to look at other cars as they only had one red Corolla left. I said, “no.” I would only buy a new car if it was red, despite the advice Mark in Legal gave me. He advised me not to buy a red car because they get pulled over more often. My heart was set on the beautiful, bold color, so I dismissed his warning. The risk will be worth following my heart’s desires.

A few nights after my initial meeting with Marlene, I picked up my brand-new, red Corolla. I drove away happy, feeling lucky and realizing how easy buying my car was. I got exactly what I asked for: a red car, low payments from my company, Southeast Toyota Finance, and all of the gadgets a new Toyota Corolla offers, such as a car reverse rear view backup camera. My Corolla is sleek, pretty, and red. What more could I ask for? ToyotaCare, of course, which is a no cost maintenance plan that covers normal scheduled service for two years or 25,000 miles.

I also thought about my cars’ colors. My first car was blue and changed colors in the sunlight. Sometimes my car would appear blue, other times black. It was mysterious — a perfect symbol of my 20s. My next car was silver, which “relates well to the corporate world and those in positions of responsibility.” (Source: Color Psychology) My new car is red, which symbolizes passion. As the color of my Toyota Corolla suggests, 2015 will be my time to pursue my passions.

Are you a South Florida resident who is in the market for a Toyota? If so, contact Marlene at 561-596-1163. She is wonderful to work with!

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