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Pittsburgh: Meat & Potatoes

By on September 14, 2015 in Dining, U.S. Travel with 0 Comments

Bone Marrow at Meat & Potatoes in Pittsburgh“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.” – Asian Proverb

I recently flew into Pittsburgh for work. When I landed, I noticed a Facebook post from Andrew recommending the bone marrow at Meat & Potatoes. I decided, ‘Why not?’ My night was open, and I am always up for an unexpected adventure. I picked up my rental, plugged in the address, and off I went. After all, I had conquered my fear of dining out solo last year.

The streets of Pittsburgh were bustling with lights and people. I was surprised by all the activity, the prettiness of the city, and how much there was to do. Despite the two-hour drive ahead of me, I felt alive.

I entered the restaurant around 9:00 p.m., and I looked for a spot at the bar. The place was hopping, and I had to wait for a table to vacate instead. Once seated, I scanned the menu. I had never tried bone marrow before, and I was intrigued. When the waiter came over, I asked if bone marrow is something I could have on its own as a meal. He advised I order another dish, especially since this would be new for me. I went with the bone marrow and Caesar salad, which consisted of romaine, pickled green tomatoes, crispy pig ears, chicharrones, fried egg, and parmesan. Most of the ingredients in the Caesar were also unfamiliar to me.

Meat & Potatoes, Pittsburgh    Meat & Potatoes in Pittsburgh

When my bone marrow arrived, I was not really sure how to eat it. It looked like a slab of mushy fat in a bone served with bread and a few other things. I spread it on a piece of bread, and started adding all the stuff to it. I took a bite, and it was delicious! I wondered if the flavors bursting in my mouth were from the add-ons or the bone marrow. I tried a little bone marrow on its own, and I was shocked at how sinfully flavorful it was. I sampled a little marrow from each bone, as they were all different. I wondered how I could be sitting here feasting on fat, but I pushed the little voice away. I then dug into the Caesar, trying all of the delightful surprises.

bone marrow heave at Meat & Potatoes       Caesar salad at Meat & Potatoes

When I could eat no more, I Googled “bone marrow nutrition.” I wanted to see just how bad this fat was for me. To my amazement, the articles I read described bone marrow as a “brain food” loaded with vitamins and minerals. Score!

Although I was sleepy when I arrived at my hotel, I was happy I took the unexpected detour. My meal was superb, I tasted new foods, and a desire to explore Pittsburgh burned within me.

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