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Zinc, A Tasty Treat in New Haven

By on March 3, 2016 in Dining, U.S. Travel with 0 Comments

Barramundi at Zinc New Haven“Sometimes a girl just needs wide open spaces.”

Being on the road for work can be a combination of fun, adventure, meeting up with friends, and exhaustion. Sometimes, I stroll into my hotel late at night after grabbing a quick bite in the middle of nowhere, battling slippery roads, and/or stopping to pump gas. Today, I was on track to make pretty good timing without having any prep left for tomorrow’s meetings lingering over me. I decided to wait to have dinner in New Haven.

As I breezed through the small city, I noticed the gorgeous architecture, picturesque houses, trendy shops, and young adults walking the streets under the moonlight. I missed my hotel, which led me down a cute, little path reminiscent of San Francisco, Boston or Chicago. The “safe” scene was contradicted by the signs in my hotel’s parking lot warning guests they are not responsible for items stolen from vehicles. I wondered what New Haven was all about, if the area I was staying in was safe, and where would I eat.

I asked for some seafood recommendations, which the women highlighted on the restaurant list she gave me. I dropped my stuff off in my room and did a quick Google search. What I stumbled upon was an article, 30 Things You Need to Know About New Haven Before You Move There. I realized the beautiful buildings I spied belonged to Yale, which also explained the college students wandering the streets. I learned the small city has a pretty happening nightlife filled with live music, symphonies, concerts, and theater. I also discovered there are some great places to eat. I decided to roll the dice on Zinc.

I sat at the bar, and noticed the cool, trendy vibe. I was surprised by how packed the place was on a “school” night. The super friendly bartender informed me they served Bluepoint oysters on Wednesday nights for $1. I ordered three, and they were fantastic.

Next came their complimentary, homemade flat bread served with a sauce that had a delightful, spicy kick. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy my main course, even though I had never heard of barramundi before tonight. Why not tickle my pallet with a new flavor?

Blue Point Oysters at Zinc New Haven   Flatbread at Zinc New Haven

The barramundi was described as, “Cardamon spiked sunchoke sauce/potato + celeriac mash/ pomegranate molasses/ collards + caramelized onions.” I was in the mood for tuna, but the the barramundi piqued my curiousity. I wondered if barramundi was a fish, meat, or something else…

The combination of barramundi, pomegranate, their funky sauce and other items on my dish bursted with flavor. As much as I love tuna, I was happy I had discovered something new I truly enjoyed. Would I recommend this place to others? Absolutely. The menu was unique, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was fun, and service was exceptional.

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