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Muse Paintbar in Lynnfield

By on January 6, 2017 in Massachusettes Travel with 1 Comment

Gina Pacelli at Muse Paintbar“Do something that gets people’s attention.” – Caption at Muse Paintbar in Lynnfield

When I lived in Florida, I joined the Junior League. I met Gisela, who invited me into her book club and then into her GNO (Girls’ Night Out) group. Once a month, our GNO group would meet for dinner and wine. Our dinners evolved to encompass camping trips, parties, and other fun activities. One night, one of the girls had the “great” idea of painting. As I did not see myself as an artist, I was less than thrilled. However, I am open to trying new things at least once. I did not show my distaste, but rather, agreed. After all, I would be drinking wine with friends, and painting would only last a few hours. Little did I realize, I would find so much pleasure in such a “boring” activity…

TIP: Be open to trying new things. You never know when you will learn something unexpected about yourself. 

Fast forward to several years later… To my delight, there are paint bars in Massachusetts. Of course, I wanted to share this relaxing, fun experience with my friends and family. Gina Pacelli, Tania and Laura at Muse Paintbar in LynnfieldOne paint bar I tried was Muse in LynnfieldLaura and Tania joined me, despite their initial skepticism. Lucky for me, my friends are supportive of me and my sometimes crazy ideas. They caved in, and opened themselves up to experience a kaleidoscope of creativity, colors, and calm.

We were given our tools, which consisted of various paint brushes, a pallet of bright colors, and water for cleansing. We purchased wine to get us through the evening. I knew I would hit the zone, but I was not sure what my friends would think. I assumed they would enjoy themselves, but then again, you never know.

The instructor stood in front of the class and gave us step-by-step directions. They were very easy to follow, and even the least talented person has the potential to create something beautiful.

DespiteTania and Laura Painting the painting I had chosen, the girls became focused with the task at hand. As we moved our brushes against the canvas, the stresses of our daily lives magically melted with each stroke. A calmness encompassed each of us, and we got more drawn into our painting. We were forced into the moment, which appears to happen when one pursues a creative quest. To live in the moment is to live. I think that is why the motion of playing with colors can be so freeing.

Will the girls join me for another paint night? Absolutely. They were pleasantly surprised by how much they liked painting and how relaxing it was. Even though they did not like my artwork choice, we still had fun.

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Paint at Muse       Gina Pacelli, Laura, and Tania at Muse Paintbar in Lynnfield

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