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On Third Cafe, The Jersey Shore

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Boats at the Lake“Coffee… because adulting is hard.” 

After my work meetings, I needed to find a place to eat before jumping on the road and heading home. I realized I was very close to the Jersey Shore (Sea Girt area), a place I had never been to before. I was curious what the the beach was all about, despite the chill in the air. I decided to look for a restaurant on the water.

My search for lunch on the ocean turned out negative. As the season was over, all of the hot spots were closed. I was not deterred. I decided to see what the Jersey Shore was all about. I pictured a cheesy, beach scene with muscled-men and slicked-back hair. Instead, I was greeted by ginormous houses, a pretty lighthouse, and class. I was shocked how my perception was so warped due to the buzz I had heard about the Jersey Shore TV show.

Clouds, Sea Girt   Sea Girt Lighthouse, Jersey Shore

Sea Girt Lighthouse   Mansion in Sea Girt, The Jersey Shore

I love the ocean. I have been fortunate to spend a good part of my adult years either on the water or within walking distance. With my move back to my roots, I lost this luxury. I was more than ecstatic to stroll along the sand, regardless of my suit and heels.

The Jersey Shore   Heels at the Beach

Ocean, Sea Girt   Sea Girt, Jersey Shore

Beach in Sea Girt, New Jersey

The salt tickled my nose, and the waves crashing against the shore soothed my soul. Once I hit a state of Zen, I decided to attend to the grumblings in my stomach. Driving around town, I realized I was in a super wealthy neighborhood, and I felt safe exploring. I wandered by a pretty church, and then a lake with some abandoned kayaks. Everything about the area was quaint and picturesque.

Boats at the Lake   A Bridge

Boats, a Lake, and a Bridge

I found a little strip of shops and restaurants in downtown Spring Lake, a cute, little town in New Jersey. And that’s when I stumbled upon On Third Cafe. The coffee shop boasted a sign indicating it was the “Best of Monmouth.” I was curious as to whether the food and coffee would taste as good as the sweet aroma wafting in the air.

Spring Lake, New Jersey   Coffee Chair, On Third Cafe

Best of Monmouth   On Third Cafe

I was seated, and I immediately ordered myself a pumpkin spice latte. I love pumpkin-flavored coffee in the Fall. Although I try to avoid the calories and chemicals, this place was just too inviting to pass on such a treat. My taste buds were very happy with my decision.

Coffee at On Third Cafe    Fish and Chips, On Third Cafe

I ordered fish and chips, which was also super tasty. I was very pleased with myself for finding this off-the-beaten-path spot on a spontaneous whim. Although I prefer to try new things, I found myself back at this cute, little coffee shop with one of my clients, Jason, before a future meeting… it was that good!

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