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Gina Pacelli Skydiving“Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.”

While flipping through my Facebook feed, I bumped into a Will Smith video on skydiving.  I watched Will Smith talk about how one night he was out drinking with his friends, and someone came up with the great idea of skydiving. The whole night he was scared, but he showed up the next morning for his skydiving adventure. When he jumped, he had the most blissful experience of his life — he was flying. He realized at the point of maximum danger, there was no fear. Watching his video brought me back to my skydiving experience years ago…

I am afraid of heights. The idea of skydiving had tempted me for years before I found the courage to do it. The seed had been planted during my short stint in San Diego, and I finally did the jump when I lived in Florida.

When the day arrived, I thought I was going to pass out when we started flying above the clouds. I had to detach from reality to make my heart stop beating so fast. But, there was no way I was going to go back down in the plane. I had wanted this for too long. I wanted to experience the rush of flying.


The guy who would be taking me on this wild adventure brought me to the edge of the plane. As you can see in my picture, I could not look down. Instead, I look as if I was praying to God to keep me alive. And, then, off we went.

As soon as I was flying, all fear vanished. The intensity of the moment shut down the chatter in my head. All I could do was feel the rush of pure energy surging through my body as I flew. I was elated as I had never been before, and the pictures the photographers took captured my childlike awe.

The jump was over way too soon. I felt intoxicated. I could barely stand, but I wanted to go back up on the next plane. My friend, Lauren, and I laughed the whole ride home. We left in a state of euphoria.

Would I do it again? Oh… that silly little thing we call fear has seeped into my head again… but maybe.

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