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Sunflowers Galore at Colby Farm

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Gina Pacelli, Sunflower Field, Colby Farm“May I grow so tall and bright, so free and wild, so brave and vibrant, that when you see me standing you think I am a sunflower.” – G.C.

I have always wanted to frolic in a field of sunflowers. When Boston Magazine’s “Five Sunflower Fields to Visit in New England” popped up in my Twitter feed, I was immediately intrigued. I was shocked to learn there was a field close to me. I thought I would have to travel somewhere in the Midwest or abroad to pursue this fantasy.

After recharging at Alantra’s Salt Cave, I decided to ditch the errands and go exploring. I spontaneously wander off the beaten path in my travels, but I tend not to do this alone in my back yard. I wanted to go the previous weekend as part of my family outing, but they had no interest in joining me. I popped in the address for Colby Farm, and off I went.

Bee on Sunflower, Colby Farm   Sunflower Field, Colby Farm

I got there at a great time, as the line for the parking lot was short. They charged $5.00 per car, which was more than generous. As I left, I saw there was a huge back-up of cars on the road.

Sunflowers, Colby Farm   Sunflowers, Colby Farm

I meandered through the sunflowers, in silence, captivated by their beauty. Giddy like a child on Christmas morning, I took advantage of my solitude. I moved at a slower pace, stopping to take as many pictures as my heart desired.

Sunflower with Bee, Colby Farm   Sunflowers, Colby Farm

After I got my fill of the flowers, I made my way past the petting zoo over to the farm stand. They had lots of fresh veggies, fruits, meats, and other specialties like chocolate. I did some shopping, then put my groceries in my car. I had not eaten lunch, so I sampled some cherry tomatoes and ate a protein bar. The tomatoes were bursting with flavor, and the protein bar would make a great breakfast. I decided to spend more time in the sunflower field and then do a little more shopping. Over hundred pictures were not enough for this photographer… plus, the sun had emerged.

Sunflowers, Colby Farm   Sunflower, Colby Farm

If you enjoy sunflowers, I highly recommend a stop at Colby Farm. The field is insanely beautiful. Then, head over to their farm stand and purchase some fresh produce. I am not a big veggie person, or am I? When the vegetables and fruits lack all the chemicals we have grown so accustomed to, they are delicious. This little gem was worth the detour.

Sunflowers, Colby Farm   Sunflower Field, Colby Farm

Sunflower Field, Colby Farm   Sunflowers, Colby Farm

Sunflowers, Colby Farm   Sunflowers, Colby Farm

Sunflower Field, Colby Farm   Sunflowers, Colby Farm

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