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Jackson Falls, New Hampshire

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Jackson Falls, New Hampshire“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

I like waterfalls. When I lived in California, I bought a book on hiking to waterfalls. I explored many of these hikes before I left.

Upon moving back to Massachusetts,  I stumbled upon this article, The Ultimate New Hampshire Waterfall Road Trip Is Here – And You’ll Want To Do It. Of course, I was super delighted by this find.

Jackson Falls was one that caught my eye. I asked my sister if she lived nearby. Unfortunately, she did not. However, this waterfall was now on my radar.

A few months later, when booking hotels for a work trip, I realized Jackson was one of my options as a nearby town. I decided to stay there. The leaves had already changed colors, and I was not sure if my schedule would allow time to find the falls, but I figured, why not?

Jackson Falls, New Hampshire   Jackson Falls, New Hampshire

I pulled up to my hotel in complete darkness. My head was pounding from exhaustion and hunger. Once I took care of my immediate needs, I went to the front desk to figure out how close I was to the falls. I would not have a lot of time in the morning, but I was right there. I had to check out my options.

Jackson Falls, New Hampshire   Jackson Falls, New Hampshire

To my surprise, Jackson Falls was right across the street! All I needed to do was get up super early in the morning to walk over and enjoy the scenery before heading to my appointment.

Jackson Falls, New Hampshire   Jackson Falls, New Hampshire

The next morning, I put on my business suit and off I went to explore. I hopped the fence, walked through the grass in my heels, and tried not to slip. I must have appeared quite comical wobbling around in my suit jacket, snapping pictures with my iPhone.

I had to be cognizant of the time. However, I got to kick off my day by a pretty, little waterfall. The lesson learned? Life can sometimes feel overwhelming. With a little planning, a little luck, a little passion, and a little spontaneity, life can be amazing. Bucket list. Check.

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