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Bahamas: Fortune Beach, Grand Bahama Island

By on July 16, 2014 in Caribbean Travel with 4 Comments

Grand Bahama Island

“Cheers to beach hair, tan skin, flip flops, and sandy toes.” – Author Unknown

I recently visited Grand Bahama Island with my friend, Brenda. I purchased two $49 vouchers for a day trip aboard a ferry, Balearia Bahamas Express, from Travelzoo. (Note: Another $18 per person was due at check-in.)

I have been to a few Bahamian Islands, but of course I am always up for exploring more. They are so close, but very different. So, why not? I was excited when Brenda wanted to go.

Nassau and Freeport are the two most visited places in the Bahamas. Many cruise ships deposit their guests there, leaving them in the hands of guides who will direct them to crowded beaches and profitable areas known as “tourist traps.” Of course, I was not surprised by my friends’ less than favorable opinions of the islands.

However, every place has its own charm. You just have to be willing to step off the beaten path to find it. Instead of being herded to the spots everyone else frequents, why not make your own adventure?

I did the research before we went and came up with a list of options. We narrowed down our choices to exploring the caves at Lucayan National Park, relaxing at one of the beaches, kayaking, and/or gambling. We figured we would see how we felt upon arrival before making any solid decisions.

The one thing I forgot to research was where to eat. The food on the ferry looked less than edible, so we ate Lobster Tacos at Agave in Freeport, Bahamasour snacks and decided to find a restaurant on the island. One of the locals recommended Agave, which served Latin fusion cuisine. We ordered some afternoon cocktails and conch fritters to start. Although I am not usually a fan of conch, they were delicious. I also ordered the local lobster tacos, which were okay but plain. They would have been tastier had they added a little something to them, such as the conch fritter sauce.

After our bellies were full, we decided to hit the beach. According to USA Today, the two best beaches on the island are Gold Rock Beach and  Fortune Beach. Gold Rock Beach “is constantly ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches,” but was too far for our day trip. Fortune Beach is described as “a quiet beach, where it is easy to lose track of time.” Lucayan Beach is where the taxis take all the tourists to.

We found a cab driver who took us to Fortune Beach. The cost was $30 round trip, plus tip, while he waited for us for two hours. It was an awesome deal.

Fortune Beach, Grand Bahama Island

The water was beautiful – crystal clear and turquoise blue. The beach was deserted except for a fisherman and another couple who walked the shore. For the most of the time we were there, we had the beach to ourselves. We were both very happy we ventured off the beaten path and found our own slice of paradise.

When we were done, we hopped back into the cab and ventured off to the casino. Neither of us came back any richer, but we had fun. Brenda tried her luck at the slots, and I played Black Jack.

What a wonderful day we had. We had just enough time to chill out at a deserted, gorgeous beach in an international destination. Although the ferry was a little noisy and disorganized, it was an easy, inexpensive way to explore a Bahamian island.

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  1. Kaisa says:

    Hey! I am going to the Bahamas in December, and I was wondering if it´s possible to take this shuttle boat from Fort Lauderdale, just one way, and then back again when we are going home after 11 days..? 🙂

  2. ginapacelli says:

    Hi Kaisa,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Where in the Bahamas are you going? Each island has unique transportation methods.

    If you plan to visit Grand Bahama Island/Freeport, you can take a ferry from Ft. Lauderdale round trip and plug in your departure and return dates, similar to flying.

    Here is the link: http://ferryexpress.reachlocal.net/wps/portal/comercial/home_us_en?resetPortlet=true

    I hope this helps and you have a wonderful trip!


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