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Cabo: The Office

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The Office, Cabo“It is so much more fun and insightful to research travel tips through folks who have lived the adventure than by just utilizing the web. You get the inside scoop. I guess it also helps to have a great network of friends and family members who have gone off the beaten path and found more than most could dream of. And so the journey continues… Into the unknown to create more memories, experience new wonders, and continuously grow.” – Gina Pacelli, Facebook 3/19/14 

A few years ago, Leann and I traveled to China. At the time, we were both busy with our lives and we had signed up with a tour. Thus, we did not do as much research as we normally would. The area we forgot to think about was where to eat. We assumed since we were staying at nice hotels our concierge would be able to advise us. However, we were wrong. We skipped dinner many nights because we could not find any decent places. We learned our lesson. Now we find great, ethnic restaurants prior to traveling and ask our friends for recommendations.

One night, Leann went out with her friend, Lisa, who is an avid traveler. Lisa The Office, Cabo, Mexico
suggested The Office. I had also asked friends for advice on what to do in Cabo via Facebook. Allison proposed, “breakfast at The Office,” and Donna said, “The Office was very touristy.”

Leann pulled up the menu long before we ever set foot in Cabo. She sent Brian and I a text saying, ‘how much Lisa enjoyed her meal, and they served seafood. And, we all love seafood.’ I responded, ‘Yes, we all do love seafood. But my friend said it is touristy.” We had a friendly debate, but decided to check out the place. Leann made reservations online long before our trip.

Travel tip: If you dine at The Office, make reservations before you go. The place was packed. We were seated right away, whereas others had a long wait.

We started with gigantic, flavorful margaritas. So far so good.

Margaritas at The Office, Cabo, Mexico

Yes, the place was absent of locals. But we listened to the ocean crash against the shore. Many times throughout the night, waiters had to reshape the sand and pile it high because the water soaked the restaurant’s floor. We could not get any closer to the water without bathing suits.

Ocean Blocking at The Office, Cabo

Next up? Tuna tartar, which was described as fresh tuna, lemon juice, capers, sesame, olive oil, salt and pepper. When our dish came out, it did not look like the tuna tartar we usually eat in the U.S. Although it was different, the tuna was fresh and flavorful. We were in heaven.

Tuna Tartar at The Office, Cabo

We ordered fresh fish tacos, served with lettuce, relish, chilies beans, and guacamole. We also requested fajitas, a combination of shrimp and beef served with re-fried beans, pacific rice, guacamole and sour cream.

The dishes were huge. Between the three of us, we could not finish what was on our plate even though the food was delicious. The fish was so fresh and delightful, and the fajitas were also very tasty. We were thrilled with our choices.

Fish Tacos, The Office, Cabo  Fajitas, The Office, Cabo, Mexico

After our meal, musicians serenaded us and took our picture. Cheesy, but fun. 🙂

Musicians at The Office, Cabo, Mexico

We were having such a great time, and the food was so yummy that we decided to order dessert. Not that we needed it. We were stuffed even though we didn’t finish the fajitas. But, we were curious to see how their flan was. We had a taste, but we were happy our bellies were full of fish. The flan was okay, but nothing special.

Flan at The Office, Cabo, Mexico

After we closed the place down, we walked the beach. We found a deserted spot where we sat on the sand and talked. As our eyes adjusted to the dark, we realized there were rock formations in the water. We wondered if we were staring at El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (The Arch). As we gazed into the ocean and up at the stars, we realized how lucky we were to be enjoying the moment with each other on a beach in Mexico.

Gina Pacelli, The Office, Cabo, Mexico

Would I recommend The Office? Absolutely yes. Donna was right, the place was touristy. However, we were glad we followed Lisa and Allison’s advice. We really enjoyed our meals, we loved hearing the waves, and we had fun. Thank you, ladies, for your great advice.

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