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Hysteria at Connors Farm: A Frightful Delight

Hysteria Nurse“Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yourself to life.” – Adele Brookman

For more than a decade, I swapped my sweaters and boots for a flip flop type of life. Although the sun and surf fueled my soul, I missed the seasons and holidays. Halloween was not the same without a nip in the air and the Bostonian spirit.

My sister, Alexis, has been involved in the Halloween scene for several years. She is the co-owner/co-founder at Haunted Farms of America, as well as the Creative Manager at Hysteria Danvers. She is also the hot nurse in the picture, who every boy wanted a picture with.

I was excited to be home to explore Hysteria at Connors Farm with my family. I was curious to see what my sister had been working on so passionately for so long. Would I be scared? Would I be proud of her? Would I have fun? Would I be brought back to the Connors FarmHalloween spirit of my youth?

Alexis told us to pre-purchase our VIP tickets, as the place would crazy. Although she gave us fair Ben, Gina Pacelli and Alexis at Hysteriawarning, I did not expect to see hundreds of people buzzing around the farm. Luckily, we had Alexis to navigate us through the crowds.

Tip: Avoid the long lines with VIP tickets. 

Before making our way to the Haunted Farm, we passed through the grocery store, a food area selling BBQ, and a huge bonfire. I wish I had saved my appetite as the aromas of BBQ were very inviting. I wanted to shop and sample some of the farm’s delightful treats.

When we entered the haunted farm, I could feel my skin tingle with anticipation. I experienced so many different sensations of fright, excitement, and fun as I navigated through the haunted farm. Every corner had a different twist and told a gory story. The screams of people in front of us lingered in the air and gave me good bumps, increasing the thrill of being scared. I also had a great time watching my aunt jump when the monsters creeped up beside her.

Alexis at Hysteria       Fire at Hysteria

As I exited,  I left with an understanding of all the hype. I knew the people waiting to scream would have their scariest fantasies play out before them, giving them chills and thrills. My sister was in her element as she wandered around the haunted farm, ensuring guests received a night of horror. I left happy.

Do you want crazy, blue eyes like my sister, Alexis? Get yours at Vampfangs.

Note: In addition to the haunted farm, Hysteria also offers Zombie Paintball and a Flashlight Maze.

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